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Does it matter who hosts my company's website for search engine marketing? Yes and no. The search engine algorithms really don't care but your site is open for business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You should always pick a hosting company with a 99% up-time for Internet service.

Just as planning and preparation can be critical to your website's ultimate success, selecting the right SEO web hosting company can save you valuable time in keeping your site up to date with the latest search engine optimization techniques. Some SEO firms offer a monthly fee-based service for SEO updates. If your company does not have the resources to stay ahead of the SEO curve, then you should consider using a professional SEO website hosting firm.

Every time you update your company's website, it is important to let the search engines know. A SEO management host can update your sitemap and submit the changes to the appropriate search engines in a timely manner. This process must be repeated each time SEO changes are made to accurately reflect your website's content.

There is a general misconception that if you maintain your website in-house it will work out cheaper. It is important for your company to assess how much your time is worth and would you really save money in the long run. You will likely find that a reputable SEO web site design and hosting company can keep your site updated and keep your staff doing what they do best.

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