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Does your company need to consider Universal Search when you optimize your website for search engine marketing? Maybe or maybe not. For example, if your company's online marketing efforts are focused on selling a plain-Jane product with competitive pricing being the centralized strategy, then you probably have little or nothing to gain from Universal Search SEO techniques. However, some businesses that have creatively mixed Social Media exposure with their search engine optimization strategy have garnered multiple listings on the search engine results page, or SERP.

Since Google has vertical search engines other than those used for producing traditional organic search results, the search engine giant sought to blend results from those sources with their normal listing of organic search results. In fact, the decisions made by Google's vertical search algorithms are now blended with their organic results to establish a comparative ranking. If those results are deemed more relevant than the traditional search results, then those listings are added to search results page. You may have read about problems with the algorithms selecting a one-on-one replacement, which would elect to eliminate one listing and replace it with another listing from one of the vertical engines. This subtractive approach is no longer a major problem as Google has continued to refine the blending process and now tries to list all relevant search results.

Google has made a big deal as to how smart their Universal Search algorithms are and suggests that the blending of results from all their vertical search engines will continue to evolve. Although the top ten lists for the search engine results page does not currently support all vertical results, Google has promised online marketers that a strong ranking component will remain in place. The vertical search engines listed below are among those Google is blending for comparative rankings:

  • Traditional Web Search
  • Book Search
  • Search for Area Maps
  • Images Search
  • Online Video Search
  • News Services Search
  • Blog Search
  • Products Search
  • Flight Tracking Search
  • Search for Weather Conditions

If your company is interested in the advantages of Universal Search SEO, take time to contact a Search Engine Marketing professional to discuss your ideas for optimization.


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