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Are you trying to create BUZZ for your company's website? Well, social media may just be the ticket for you to reach millions of users on the Internet through social networks and online communities. Social Media Optimization, or SMO, allows you to build large groups of supporters that can help spread the word about your company's website.

Social Media Optimization of your website using social news services, video sharing websites, bloggers and contact-list social networks can help your website gain organic page rank. You can use SMO as a quick and easy method of building a large number of back links to your company's website. Although most social networks have rules as to what your business can and can't do online, submitting your web pages for inclusion can be an effective way to generate BUZZ and increase web traffic to site.

The addition of videos on your website can quickly build a sense of trust within the social network, and videos can let your company think outside the box. In fact, the most viral videos on the Internet are most often those that find a way to entertain users with a faceless business pitch. If members of social networks find your videos to be interesting, your company can generate an enormous amount of traffic to your website and build a loyal following of users.

Including blogs and forums on your company's website can also build external links and generate new web traffic. Blogs basically allow you to post a subject that is related to your business and, at the same time, provide a comment area for user feedback. Forums are Internet message boards that you can use for ongoing discussions and a good source of dynamic content. The traffic your company's website can gain from relevant blog and forum topics is substantial and both should be considered for your search engine marketing efforts.


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