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Did you know a SEO web designer can balance the architecture of your website to appeal to the search engines' spiders and also meet the needs of your site's visitors? Any experienced SEO web developer understands that the optimal website structure for your site will focus as much on the user conversion as it does on generating web traffic. After all, your goal is not only to win the battle for quality clicks but to increase revenues through your internet marketing efforts.

Since search engines rank individual web pages and not websites, the SEO site architecture is a critical element in search engine optimization. In fact, numerous structural factors impact how you optimize your website to ensure that your company is positioned to rank well for all of your online marketing campaigns. Your success may depend upon how effectively you build upon these technical components.

The major search engines expect any business website today to have a by-the-book SEO website design. But, once your company has the basic structure for a site in place, you can implement several advanced techniques for your SEO site architecture. A trained SEO website designer will know how to effectively use a robots.txt file to instruct the spiders as to where they may go when they arrive at your domain. Equally important, is how the designer constructs a navigational system that is both spider-friendly and user-friendly when your website is visited.

A qualified SEO web designer will also develop page strategies and select keyword-rich URLs that enhance the website's thematic relevancy using a powerful content principal called latent semantic indexing. So, the SEO site architecture for your website impacts every inch of your site from your company's policy page to the framework for your sitemap.

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