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Did you know that search engine results page listings for organic (free) search results have a higher click through rate than paid listings? And... there is no cost per click. Optimizing your company's website for organic search is a necessary strategy for launching your search engine marketing campaign.

The more targeted web traffic you direct at your site, the greater your company's chances are for success online. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN expect any business website to be optimized before launching their Internet marketing efforts. It makes sense. Search Engine Optimization aids the search engine algorithms in determining "Search Relevancy" for products, services or any pertinent information your website contains.

If you've been reading other sources for SEO tips, you will probably need to check the date it was published before getting to excited. To improve the quality of their search results, companies like Google are constantly changing the rules for search engine optimization. It's not a bad thing. The search engine's guidelines help protect valuable bandwidth and allow them to produce more relevant search results while policing the "nare-do-well" websites looking to make a fast dollar.

So, to be competitive in organic search, you will need to do a little research to identify several good "product-level" keywords and then incorporate those words and phrases into well-written original content. Avoid duplicate content at all costs and remember that product-level keyword phrases tend to convert at a higher rate than broad keywords with high search volume rankings.

When you combine the latest organic search engine optimization techniques with well-written optimized web copy, you can enhance your online marketing efforts and enjoy solid organic page rank. The time and effort your company invests in planning, implementing, monitoring and maintaining your Internet marketing campaign can really pay off with an ongoing return of organic clicks at no additional costs.

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