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What's the difference between a long-tail keyword and a head term? To be honest, it really shouldn't matter to you. You may encounter dozens of buzz words when you read about the keyword selection process. When it comes to selecting the best keywords and keyword phrases for your website, simply consider these two types of keywords: general and specific.

Although general keywords tend to generate a greater volume of web traffic, more specific, or product-level keywords, may produce more conversions for your website. If a user types in the word "computer" for a search query, they are likely looking for very general information about computers. On the other hand, if the user types in the phrase "HP Slimline Desktop Computer", then your chance of making a sale is greatly improved. Since you want both users to visit your website, it's important for your company to select both general keywords and specific keyword combinations.

Your website's home page is most often used to tell human visitors and search engine spiders what your website is really all about. The Home page is usually the best page your company has to compete for more generic or general keywords. Naturally, web pages like a Products Page or Services Page tend to be a better place to target more specific keywords and keyword phrases. Remember, it's harder to gain page rank for very competitive general keywords than it is to rank for more specific keywords and phrases.

Once you have selected keywords and keyword phrases to use to optimize your website for online marketing campaigns, you should consider using a SEO consultant to conduct a bit of keyword research. There are numerous software applications a professional can use to determine keyword effectiveness, keyword engagements and search volume for the keywords or phrases you selected for your website. This will help you select which keywords to use to launch your optimized website and which keywords or phrases to use to maintenance your ongoing keyword strategy.

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