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Since businesses first marketed their goods and services using the Internet, the requirements for web copy have changed. The responsibility for the production of the traditional web copy was most often assigned to the client's staff. Or, the marketing department would simply furnish the latest advertising materials to be molded into copy and shaped to fit the web page. There was a certain camaraderie in having everyone participate. Now, with the onset of competitive search engine marketing techniques, how your site says what it says has become increasingly important to both the search engine spiders and to your web site's human visitors.

Keyword research that leads to proper keyword analysis and keyword selection is where you begin to position your web pages as both human food and spider food. When you create your SEO copy, these tidbits should be sprinkled throughout your web page and used with power words to lead the human visitor, and the spiders, to important sections of your web site. The copy on your website should always have a natural look to the search engines and the reader should have "easy to chew" bites of information to support their decision making process.

Google introduced the use of Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI. This technology installed within an algorithm examines the words and phrases in your web copy and determines whether they are semantically similar. Latent Semantic Indexing allows Google's search engine to determine a page's relevancy based on subject matter rather than keyword density. So, your position on a search engine results pages, or SERPs, can be impacted by how well the "Theme" of your web site is presented.

Today, the spiders expect good SEO, or search engine optimization, techniques for your site's page formatting, page layout, internal page linking, use of keyword phrases, URLs and page content. As search engines have continued to refine their algorithms, they have remained focused on ways to best determine search relevancy for a web site. To maximize your chance of achieving top organic rankings, you should always use keyword-rich naturally flowing original content.

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