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Does your company have an Internet marketing strategy for distributing information about your products or services? Are you familiar with viral marketing methods? Did you know marketing using the Internet is growing faster than in any other media? It is. In fact, online marketing is relatively inexpensive and allows you to reach a wide audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional campaigns.

Since the earliest days of selling online, the Internet has grown to a "200 Billion Dollar" stage for global e-commerce with over $20 billion invested annually in Internet marketing campaigns. Recently, our presidential candidates utilized the Internet to reach their political constituents and to grow their base of supporters through social networking. In fact, the President-elect raised over $1 million in a single day from Internet contributors and built an enormous base of e-mail addresses for future communications.

Today's web consumer can visit your site to research or purchase anything from music to automobiles. Traditional business-to-business commerce has never been as cost effective. By employing progressive Internet marketing methods, your company will enjoy the advantages of measuring your advertising efforts quickly and inexpensively. Potential customers can research and then purchase your products or services at their convenience. By geo targeting your campaign, you can deliver unique content to web visitors based on the demographic criteria you choose.

So how do you put your company in play and start to cash in on the benefits of Internet marketing? First, you have to accept the fact that you can no longer expect to be competitive in the global marketplace by just building and promoting an attractive website. Instead, you will need to develop a comprehensive Web 2.0 strategy that will not only target your audience but will integrate your company's business goals using the latest search engine marketing techniques. Then, you will need to employ web analytics software to monitor your progress and to measure the effectiveness of your internet marketing campaign.

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