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Since my company is new to search engine marketing, shouldn't we start with a pay per click campaign? Probably not. Pay per click management can be a bit tricky, especially for newcomers to online marketing. When you pay for a placement in the sponsored listings of a search engine's results page, every time someone clicks on your pay per click ad, your account is charged. If your company does not have an intelligent bidding strategy, you can waste your SEM budget very quickly.

Pay Per Click campaigns are the easiest games to get into but are likely the hardest to win. Remember, the concept of bidding online for search terms is the product of the major Search Engines. Just like a Las Vegas casino, they make it very easy to set up an account; and, if you don't know the game, they are ready to teach you how to play. But, just like the casino games, pay per click campaigns have big winners and big losers. So, unless your company has online marketing expertise, it's probably wise to seek the advice of an SEM professional before gambling on clicks.

That said, a properly managed pay per click marketing effort is a powerful tool for implementing your search engine marketing strategies. In fact, Internet marketing research suggests that by having both organic rankings, as well as listings in sponsored links, you increase the credibility of your website. Pay per click advertising allows your company to target a competitive keyword campaign, use analytics to track the results, set conversion goals for your company and monitor your return on investment, or ROI.

A well-managed PPC effort can give a new website, or newly optimized site, a head start on gaining valuable page rank in a competitive marketplace. Pay per click campaigns are also very useful in geo-targeting advertising for regional businesses. Just remember, your methodology and real time management will ultimately determine the success of your paid placement strategy.

Let us help your company manage your PPC budget, write effective ad copy, select the right keywords, establish effective bidding strategies and meet your goals for PPC conversions. Call to today for a FREE Website Analysis or speak directly with a Search Engine Marketing professional in our Pay Per Click Management department.

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