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If you read the section on Keyword Selection, the two basic types of keywords were discussed. Let's look at how Keyword Strategies are created for use with both specific keywords and general keywords. Specific keywords are most often selected for use on pages with the product-level content, where more generic keywords are used when optimizing pages with general content.

Now that your website has been put in play, it is important for your company to set strategic goals for your search engine marketing programs. Your keyword strategy will become increasingly important over time as you continue to optimize the content for selected web pages. Instead of optimizing your website all at once, your goal should be to optimize each page by implementing a long-term keyword strategy to support the fresh content you will be adding to your site.

If you are optimizing content for an existing web page, you will need to select one or two keywords that best summarize your competitive goals. Tweaking the web copy for old content can be tricky as it will require you to manipulate the existing content to make sure your target keywords stand out from the rest. If you are writing new copy for your website, your focus should be to gain page rank for the specific keywords that you selected. Building new content for your website allows you to semantically link targeted general keywords and specific keywords while you write.

By developing a solid keyword strategy, you increase your website's chances of producing optimal results for all of your important pages. Your keyword strategy will also allow your company to build a competitive plan for gaining future page rank for more difficult general keywords. Remember, trying to compete for high traffic keywords with a newly optimized website without a keyword strategy is likely setting your site up for failure.

If you would like to learn more about developing a solid keyword strategy for your website, we can help. Our staff of SEO professionals can provide a FREE Website Analysis of your existing site, analyze your competitors use of general and specific keywords, review your company's list of targeted keywords and guide you in implementing your Pay Per Click Marketing or keyword strategy.

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